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First batch of national standard system revision plan issued

2017-06-05 browse:849

At present, the country has entered a critical period of comprehensive deepening reform, the importance of scientific research instruments is also more prominent. National Standards Committee has made outstanding contributions to the development of the industry. One of them is the formulation and improvement of the instrument industry standards. Recently, the National Standardization Management Committee issued the first batch of national standards revision plan in 2017, which revised 238 items. According to the circular, there are a total of 238 items, including 160 items, 78 amendments, 236 recommended standards, and 2 guiding technical documents.

The standard revision plan has increased the formulation of some spectral component standards. According to the notice, the standard two new plans were "spectral components lasers and laser related equipment - standard optical components - Part second: components for the infrared spectral range" and "lasers and laser related equipment - standard optical components - part first: ultraviolet, visible and near-infrared spectral range of the element", these two standards are recommended standard. These two standards by Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics physics research, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Southwest Institute of technical China Applied Electronics Research Academy of Engineering Physics, China Ordnance Industry Standardization Institute, Dalian city product quality inspection and Research Institute jointly drafted.

The revision plan, in addition to making new parts of the spectrum instrument parts, also developed a "determination of polymer material 3,3'- two chloro -4,4'- two amino two phenyl methane gas chromatography-mass spectrometry" standard, the standard for the recommended standard. This standard will be jointly drafted by Shenzhen Metrology Quality Inspection Institute and China Warner quality technology center. In addition, the revision plan also includes the revision and testing of 4 standards such as microscope, related eyepiece, partition version, laboratory safety and a number of conformity assessment standards.