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Working principle of pressure reducing valve

2017-06-05 browse:769

The pressure reducing valve is used to adjust the inlet pressure to a required outlet pressure and to depend on the energy of the medium itself so that the outlet pressure is automatically kept stable.

From the viewpoint of fluid mechanics, the valve is a throttling element local resistance to change, namely by changing the throttle area, the velocity of the fluid and kinetic energy change, resulting in different pressure loss, so as to achieve the purpose of decompression.

Then, depending on the regulation of the control and adjustment system, the fluctuation of the pressure behind the valve is balanced with the spring force, so that the pressure behind the valve is kept constant in a certain range of error. Italy OR imported pressure reducing valve with its exquisite technology to solve the domestic pressure reducing valve only reduce the pressure, static pressure problems.

When the inlet pressure relief valve with water, the water pressure loss through the valve, the pressure loss by the size of the opening size of the spool and the valve opening, the size is determined by the spring force, so by regulating the import valve at the top of the spring to control the valve opening, so as to control the pressure loss to obtain the desired valve pressure.

When the inlet pressure reducing valve after the no water, the valve pressure, when the valve after the pressure valve before the pressure is greater than the spring force of the spool to the top die (the valve is in a normally open state), then the valve before the valve after the fluid fluid and completely separated, at the valve outlet pressure is strong greater than the set value, but due to inertia, to the motion of the diaphragm does not immediately stop, will continue to exercise a bit, the equivalent of the valve outlet cavity becomes larger and larger volume, the internal pressure of the liquid drop, until the valve outlet is exactly equal to the set pressure value.

Therefore, the inlet pressure reducing valve can not only reduce the dynamic pressure, but also reduce the static pressure, and the pressure fluctuation of the outlet is small.